Adsions of the small intestines?

my wife has gone lower than surgery for adsions os the small intestines,,years ago she had Endometriosis, which I don't know if that be the cause of it,,,they operate with standard procedures useing a cut next to scapel,,I had asked if their be a better method like ,,Laparoscopy ,,but he said no its to natural to punture the intestines with that method,,according to a site I a moment ago read they say laproscopy is the better method,,anybody enjoy any experience with this,,,

Adhesions simply "stick" the small bowel to the other loops of the bowel, to the membranes surrounding & holding the bowel and the the abdominal wall (and yes, endometriosis probably was the cause). The MD may own felt that because the loops be stuck to the wall, he could not inflate the area next to gas (which is how they do a lap surgery) to capture the intestines away from the area where on earth they push the scopes in. He be being distrustful. Also, any problems that develop with a nouns. surgery requires an open approach.
hi john, I've have surgeries on my small intestines a few times and when I needed my gallbladder out I asked for the laparoscopy being that it be a better method .My surgeon told me that due to too many ahesions that can form after surgery, it would be difficult for the laparoscope to gross its way through them to find to the gallbladder and it could cause some complications so I have to go near the scapel.

I guess it depends if you can be a candidate lacking any prior surgeries in directive to get the laparascope, contained by good condition, and no complications whatsoever. In this day and age, everyone is lawsuit thankful and the doctors want to cover themselves & do things w/o anything to go wrong.

I have a feeling for your wife. good luck to you and her.

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