Can anyone who know in the order of irritable bowel syndrome give an account me if this sounds resembling it could be it?

It was individual mentioned to me today that this sounds like IBS.for dormant some time now ive be having frequent toilet visit.i urinate A LOT and i usually(not always) have a few bowel movements respectively day.i spy once in awhile i do hold trapped wind pains but they usually individual last briefly.i did a few weeks final have an episode of pretty unpromising wind pains for a few days.i know that abdominal pains are all your own of IBS but is it possible to have it in need severe or regular abdominal pains?my stools are usually more runny than solid.i wouldnt imagine any of my symptons are connected to my diet.i enjoy a pretty much fixed diet and i eat pretty resourcefully.i do pass crisscross an awful lot.what i have notice is that sometimes i will VERY suddenly need to be in motion to the toilet(both 1 and 2).it has become a problem tho and i am pretty nervous getting on buses for long trips,etc.anyone recogn it sounds approaching it?

IBS is hard to diagnose. Usually, the doctors hold to rule everything else out before they can diagnose that. That is because so several more serious illnesses such as colon cancer, bleeding in the intestines can incentive this as well.

Is your stool black? Black technique bleeding in the upper intestines, or any red blood(bleeding within the lower intestines)?

You'd need to see a doctor and catch some testing done first.
Could be IBS. I've have it for 20 years. However, you're mistaken if you don't think it could be due to diet. While stress usually precipitates and exacerbates it, diet plays a huge element in it. Many race with IBS find within are foods they are sensitive to and that these cause symptoms. For me it's wheat and gluten. While I don't enjoy celiac, I have found that by eliminate those foods from my diet have completely controlled the gas, bloating, spasms, cramps, etc that I'd lived next to for years.

Best thing to do if you're really concerned, see you doctor and attain an appt with a gastroenterologist who will rule out other possible problems.
I have to go to the gastroenterologist to see if I have an allergy to wheat or if there be something else wrong with me. After they run ALL of the tests, they reasoned that it be IBS with diarrhea instead of constipation. I bring back the pain and bloating at times depending on what I drink, and then at hand are times when the food goes right through me in 10 minutes after eating, especially rich foods similar to Alfredo. Yummy - tastes so biddable, but be close to the bathroom. If Imodium AD doesn't work on you, then you call for to see the doctor, have the test run, and they will put you on something stronger. I found out that my spasms are worse when I am in a stress occupied environment so meditation works well as does Valium. :-)

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