Abstinence would prevent spread of diseases?

Choose one: Agree, Strongly agree, Disagree, Strongly disagree

Agree. So would avoiding drug use.
strongly agree, it is the only 100% proven decisive way.
unless airborne, next STRONGLY AGREE! :)
Disagree- Diseases would still spread granted that people don't rinse out their hands, drug use, etc.
yes it sure would prevent spread of diseases.
Disagree. AIDS...needles...Infected.
Strongly agree. It's better than a latex condom or Birth control Pills which the women sometimes don't even whip.
Strongly agree, but at the same time don't forget sharing needles too....and strongly agree not to do that too.
Strongly agree, at least possible if I abstain, it will prevent the spread of std to me.
Providing protection and non judgemental advice as in good health as absistence would stop disease more than just preaching at general public.
Agree, it would also lower the abortion rate and the number of unwanted children.
Agree but everyone would be hooked on porn.
Strongly agree.

I think we can adjectives agree that abstinance would greatly curb STDs.
Disagree. Diseases would spread anyway through contact. If you don't wash your hand, you could spread diseases to the inside of bathroom doors, stairway hand rail, you name it...
Of course,strongly agree, it have 100% possibility, but less that 50%probability. Which is why this economically known bit of information is not shifting occurances of STDs.
Strongly agree if we are speaking of STD's. Many other viruses and germs are spread through non-sexual touch, airborne pathways and ingestion.

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