Lupus SLE?

I was diagnosed beside Lupus when I was 15. My mother and my loving aunt have it as capably. My mother has have lupus for about 9 years and is impressively very drastically sick(water on the liver, mild heartattacks etc). I am now 20, married and TTC. I own recurrent kidney stones, uti and kidney infections. My ending test within june 2007 showed a negitive ANA. Im just a touch scared that Ill deteriorate as hurriedly as my mother and aunt.

Answers:    There is no way to know. Lupus effects everyone differently. I be diagnosed back contained by July and had a really unpromising first couple of months. My kidneys were within terrible shape which organize to all sorts of other physical problems. I have to be on STD for three months, which was really concrete because I am a very unyielding worker with a great available job and in conservatory for my masters degree. When I be diagnosed I read online how sick I could become and all of these accounts of general public on disability who never work. Then, after three months I got better. Now, I am wager on to work and school and have a feeling great. Grant it I'm on a ton of meds and under a doctors constant safekeeping, but for now I'm ok. My point is, adjectives you can do is wait and see. It doesn't serve to worry going on for what could. People live long, prosperous lives with lupus.
Is it possible some of your mother's symptoms may not be directly related to the lupus? Even if they are related, polite treatment makes a big difference and treatments are recovering all of the time. I enjoy had SLE lupus for 16 years, I belong to a group full of women near autoimmune diseases and we are all coping pretty powerfully despite our afflictions. Support is important. Join a group and carry good aid. Take the illness morning by day and don't compare yourself to anyone else. Our group on yahoo is HeartsAFire, but any group you quality comfortable with is well-mannered.

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