What do you chew over of these diarrhea symptoms?

In the last 5 months-since time off in New Orleans: lost 32 pounds, diarhea everyday, no giardia (test be neg) but liver enzymes were for a moment funky (sorry dont have exact numbers). If I can grasp more info, I'll add as 'detail'. Doctor is baffled as very well.

Make sure you get what is referred to as a total, or complete o&p (ova and parasite). Some smaller labs may with the sole purpose test for the most adjectives parasites within the US such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Also, may need to check for more specific organisms than what a routine stool culture may find, such as Vibrio. Were you on antibiotics earlier this started? If so it could wipe out your conventional gut flora (much like a yeast infection contained by a woman) and you can get Clostridium difficile (aka C dif).
You can't be serious...
Maybe ur have Amebic hepatitis. Check the stool for amebic trophozoites. Send the details.
geez thats kinda serious...hospital!
any other signs and symptoms like bloating, abdominal cramping, nausea and vomiting, yellowish skin tone(jaundice)? Any blood on stool? Have you be tested for any other parasites(usually ova and parasites test). Check out Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Most importantly, see another doctor. Not that your current doctor isn't doing a thorough position. Meanwhile, keep yourself hydrated near Gatorade maybe. Hope this help.
This is going to be a silly question, but when you be in New Orleans, did you devour any seafood at all? If yes, you may enjoy picked up some nasty intestinal parasite. My husband picked up a intestinal parasite when he ate some undercooked fish and have a terrible time. Besides the giardia, did the doctor hold the lab check for parasites? If not, possibly you should have that done. As soon as the doctor know what my husbands problem was, he give him a couple prescriptions and within 24 hours he be doing much, much better.
I am NOT a doctor, OK, but --

Let's be simple about it:

ANY, ANY, ANY doctor that allows the info:
"DAILY diarrhea" olden his ears without an instant concern is NOT a doctor I'd keep.

Beyond that, we enjoy obvious evidence here of any number of bedbugs or organisms residing in the gastrointesinal system, and if ALL you did be go to a strength food store and get:

Renew Life's Para-Gone

you'd be ahead of the team game for less than $40. And it's considered a beginner's parasite cleanse by various herbalists. Tell your doctor about it and expect expand laughter. When you come rear miraculously "healed" in several weeks, he'll stop thinking give or take a few golf for 23.6 seconds while he finds some process to dispose of the obvious:

You didn't find a "cure", you merely killed that which is taking your food away from you and pooping inside you, cause you weight loss and suffering.

Weight loss is cute until the conclusion, when it cannot be controlled.

Take care NOW and find a brand new doctor if you must, perhaps a trusted osteopath or naturopath.

Best Luck surrounded by your health... :)
Any abdominal agony? Could be Crohn's disease. Check it out on the web. Sounds as if you may enjoy it, but I'm not a doctor.

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