Accutane for mild acne?

I have have mild but consistent acne for almost ten years. Nothing has worked consistenly. I am considering Accutane, but be thinking my skin might not be bad adequate to take a full course. What is the shortest amount of time you can be on it? My Derm give me spironolactone as an antiandroginen to help stop hormonal breakouts-it worked for a few months and immediately the break outs are back-on the face and fund. It isn't horrible and cystic but it is ALWAYS there and I am totally self concious about it. Anyone else have similar experiences?

I would suggest you go on accutane if you are serious something like getting rid of it for good. I go on accutane for mild acne for 5 months and it cleared it 100%. it has be 6 months now and no acne and i havent be using face bath or anything. the only problem is accutane have many side effects. Plus surrounded by women you have to attain a pregency test. The merely thing i did not similar to about it be you had to be registered and your dosage kept tract of and it made me hugely very moody.
Accutane is a pretty strong acne tablets, but it does work. Your doctor might give you a smaller dose, approaching 1 pill a day. My brother have bad acne but he took 3 pills a morning and now you would never own guessed it.
Accutane is some nasty stuff. It should simply be used as a last resort. Have you tried everything else? Has your doctor tried minocycline? If you've tried everything else, by adjectives means cart it. Just know that you'll have to pick up a written prescription every month for it and you'll own to undergo pregnancy test all the time to verify that you're not pregnant.
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