A cure for itching caused by pityriasis rosea?

Hi can anybody please help me and give me a remedy to stop me scratching myself to death and actually get more than 3 hours sleep at night?

I have had this for just over a week and im told that it still has at least 5-6 weeks to run its course, trouble is, if I wait that long, I wont have any skin left or brain cells due to lack of sleep where the itching has been keeping me awake and waking me up in the night.

I have been bathing in E45 and applying E45 itching cream but it doesnt seem to stop, it is making the rash look more appealing though so I suppose in some way it is having a positive effect on me.

Please help, its summer, im hot (making me itch) im tired (making me itch) and im irritable (caused by the heat, tiredness and ITCHING!)

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

It's really difficult to find a good cream to stop itching. One of the best ones is calomine lotion, but is difficult to use and leaves you covered in a white powder that gets onto your clothes!

Some herbal based creams can provide huge relief, especially one with menthol or peppermint oil added.

You could also try an essential oil - a copule of drops of pure peppermint oil added to 50mls of a base oil - almond, or even Hypericum oil as a base would be great - and rub this into the skin as often as you like.

I really hope that this gives you good relief - let me know if you have any difficulty getting hold of the ingredients.

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