A morning problem?

every morning these days contained by the summer I get itchy eyes and a runny antenna. I have to pilfer eyedrops everyday. What is causing this? I'm allergic to dust but the house is spotless for that defence! It is probably becuase of the weather changing since I own allergies then too but can I prevent this so that it's not so bothersome?

Allergies. Go to your PCP or Allergist and ask him/her if Singulair is well brought-up for you and Nasonex, I have allergies and taking one pill a time and nose spray help allot. These prevent the bad allergy symptoms but on days that are elevated pollen count, maybe for a while bothersome. Good Luck. I am allergic to dust mites. Its the unseen dust :) The best thing to do is bring rid of any rugs in the home and cleaning help but sterilize the entire home, have a professional cleaning crew come surrounded by and give it the overhaul. :)
i would budge to a pharmacy what you could take to stop it or ask a doctor. it is the best point to do.
Allergies are worse in the morn. and eve. -environmental ones anyway. You'll own to get another allergy audition to see what is affecting you.
Allergies from dust off a ceiling aficionado, pollen in the upper air, pets it could be anything. When did you give your room a through cleaning from top to bottom?
Clean your walls next to colorox and hot water or of late by a humidfer

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