46 year outdated and enjoy a lump on the palm, at the end of the 4th finger. It is tight when touched. What is it

Not sure for certain but it could be a cist which could be lance please see doc asp
It could be many things, but most promising nothing to verbs about. But you absolutely must have it checked.
Could be a ganglion cyst. No big problem. See your doctor.
Sounds approaching a ganglion cyst.

I have one and a friend told me that her mother used to whack them near a bible (I kid you not!)
If you DID wallop it hard adequate it would probably burst - but then it is more than expected to come back again.
I own had one for 15 years at the plinth of my middle finger - gives me something to twitch with when waiting within queues ;-p
Not satisfactory there to engineer a safe diagnosis. It might possibly be Duputren's contracture, travel see your GP to get a diagnosis. (if this is correct tolerate me know when you choose your answer as it is a bit of a stab with so little info)
It could be a nodule associated near arthritis. Try rubbing permaton jel in and every so normally exercise the hand eg stretches.

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