Acne Help! PLZ?

ok.. i need sustain like for genuine now..
I hold used Clearsil for 3 months, Neutrgena for like 3 months and even proactive for 5 months!! nought has worked.
what product truly works!?!!

Go to the dermatologist and ask for BenzaClin cream. I use it and it is the solely thing that have ever worked for me. It takes a apposite 8 weeks to see the results but it is worth the wait. The lone side affect is that it can dry your skin out a little. Good luck!
Your skin might own a severe problem if all of those products don`t work. Try checking near a doctor or a dermatologist or something. Your skin might contain bacteria cell resistant to those products. If so, get it checked A.S.A.P. earlier it multiplies... Which will take a couple of hours at most. I might be half-wrong~wrong though. -_-"
If you hold a severe condition or sensitive skin please see a dermatologist first...below is just what worked for me 'cause the ones you mentioned made me break out worse.

Problem near the products you've that they take the three things I suggest below...and mix it into one bottle and expect it to work. Sometimes it does...habitually it doesn't, and if you're like me, the chemical crap they make a payment will also make you worse. Try this and not just will you save hella $$...but I saw results within 3 days...!

Dial soap. Hydrogen Peroxide. Rubbing Alcohol.

Every morning after you wake up. Every dark before you dance to bed.

Morning: Lather up wash cloth w/Dial mitt soap...let dry for 1-3 min, rinse bad.

Evening: Lather up wash cloth w/Dial paw soap...let dry on frontage for 1-3min, rinse off. Put rubbing alcohol on cotton swab...keep hold of cleaning face w/it until cotton swab shows no dirt coming stale. Rinse face. Dab frontage w/hydrogen peroxide and go to bed.


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