Allergies smoke from forest fires within my town are making me sick.?

I live in Jackson WY and we enjoy fires surrounding us which has socked contained by our town. I am really light head and feel dizzy. What can I do to give a hand with the physical un-comfortable feel of the smoke in town. I hold horrible allergies so that is not helping at adjectives. We live in the west so we do not own air-conditioners in homes and such so we hold to leave our window open to hold it cool. If not our house can get up to 89 degree inside. Please help.

You are probably only just going to have to help yourself to some drixoral.
It can make you sleepy.
But it help allergies.
And drink a lot of river because you may just be parched which can make you get the impression light head and dizzy.
lie on the floor
smoke rises and will stay closer to the ceiling
also, if theres smoke surrounded by your house, get the heck out of at hand and go on a break
finally, just lurk
the forest fire cant last forever

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