About pregnancy and tamoxifen?

I am 43 and never had babies. I am on my second year of tamoxifen and did 3 pregnancy test and they showed negative but next I did another 2 weeks after and it showed possitive.
I went to my doctor and she did a blood assessment and it showed negative and she say I will not be able to enjoy babies at all never.

That be hard; she very soon sent me to do a ultrasound because my stomack has be growing a lot and it is not run of the mill; I get tired effortlessly and I wonder if there are more ancestors with this symptoms out in attendance and what can it be?

I will follow what she says but it is strange and sad at impossible to tell apart time.

ill Pray to God.. that you can hold baby.. & cure from your painfull ilness.. who ever i give them star without answering them.. it mode that im Praying for their health reclamation..
I'm very surprised that you be never told of the side affects of tamoxifen. You don't state whether you are taking it because of breast cancer or have be taken it for infertility treatment, it is used for both.
Don't despair as I have a friend who after frequent years of cancer treatment became pregnant completely by surprise.
Go put money on to your specialist and talk to them, receive professional advice.

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