Alternative to amitriptyline (for fibromyalgia) during pregnancy ...?

I have taken amitryiptyline (elavil) 50mg a dark for 7 years for my fibromyalgia. It works wonders. Now I am ready to become pregnant but read it's not locked to use during that time. What other meds treat fibromyalgia? Are they safe during pregnancy?

You should really discuss this beside your doctor. I agree alternative therapies that dont require you to consume anything will probably be the choice you will hold. I have hear some patients do well near massage, heat up water psychiatric help, accupuncture, yoga, biofeedback, light dream therapy with full spectrum lights,exercise, dietary change may all be areas you want to explore. I dont give attention to only one entry will be your answer but rather a combination of several.

Please look out with herbal stuff, they havent be fully tested and you really have no path of knowing if they are good for the babe.
Good luck!
You will probably have to look into alternative pills treatments while you are pregnant for your Fibromyalgia. Most drugs are not going to be safe and can threaten the time of your unborn child. You will probably have to acquire involved in such things as reheat water psychoanalysis, massage dream therapy, and things like that while pregnant to give a hand ease the spasm. There might also be some herbal or vitamin therapy to relieve you sleep better.

I feel for you. I hold Fibromyalgia too and fear that I may never know how to get pregnant due to the condition. I discern so terrible adjectives the time that I don't even date. I am so sick all the time I be aware of it wouldn't be fair to the soul I am dating.

I was put on Elavil a few times but could not tolerate the drug. I feel that if my body was competent to tolerate it, it could have help me. Glad it worked for you.

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