A elementary query more or less perkiness surrounded by our body..?

How does having sugar within our blood(i.e. energy) help us within do activities(like moving our limbs,running,walking etc)? I tight, I am curious from a mechanical angle - how does the sugar finally get converted to mechanical motion? or within another way, how is the get-up-and-go needed for running, derived from blood?


Understanding fully the breakdown of glucose into energy (ATP) does pocket a bit of reading, but in simplest jargon carbohydrates are broken down by digestion into simple sugars, i.e. glucose. The cells in our body then introduction the sugars inside (inability of diabetics ---> insulin helps the introduction of sugars inside of cells) and through different cellular processes in the cell heartiness is made. If you really want to get contained by depth read up on:
1. Cellular Respiration (Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport Chain, etc.)
Oh my gosh! I am sorry, but it takes a couple of semesters of college smooth anatomy and physiology to answer that question from start to finish.
Best course for us to understand this is to focus of our cells as engines and glucose (sugar) as fuel for those engines. The blood is only a fuel pump to get the nutrients to the cell. To understand adjectives the mitochondria stuff is just too much for most of us.
for a well brought-up understanding own a look at ...


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