Allergies from knit next to wool?

So i was knit today and i notived my right hand be swelled up nad thats the hand i hold the cotton in, could i be allergic to it?

There are a couple of factor involved. You could be allergic to the wool. You could be allergic to the dye that they use. You could be allergic to the mothproofing/finishing agent that they use.

For example, I am not allergic to wool, but I have an allergic spontaneous effect to Brown Sheep yarns (before they are washed).

Try something low within dyes/chemicals to try and determine the source. Good luck!
you can try taking Benedryl about an hour past knitting, wearing gloves, or switching to a different type of line. wool allergies are quite adjectives.
Yes, it is possible to be allergic to wool. I found out about my wool allergy after have a patch test done by a dermatologist. Maybe try knit with a different yard goods and see if it still happens.

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