I hold a impossible headache on my moved out side, i quality thaw, and sick. But appendix is on the right side. What is this?

I think it's and appendicitis or however you spell it, but, it hurts and I don't want to jump to the hospital for nothing.

Dear backache,
The good report is, that it is probably not your appendix because that typically causes spasm in the right lower quadrant of your adomen also set as McBurney's point. The bad communication is that no one here can know what it is. This could be something totally serious, or it may be only a minor problem. However, a backache in your vanished side with a hectic feeling can be any number of things. It adjectives depends on your history and other medical conditions you currently have. It would be valuable to know other symptoms you are experienceing such as any nausea, vomitting, or change within bowel or urinary habbits. Possible causes include kidney infection, brass neck bladder infamation, pancreatitis, GI bleeding, bowel infection, or constipation. If you are female it could be a problem contained by your reproductive system. In any case, I strongly urge you to see a doctor so that he can examine you. Only your doctor know your full medical history. Please contact your doctor immediately.
Good Luck,
Angie R.N.
i believe the spleen is on the disappeared, just up lower than the ribs. could be the spleen.
it could also be diverticulitis- an inflamation of the large intestines. Call your strength pro
For starters, you did spell appendicitis correctly. It sounds like the cramp is lower down on the left side, parralel to where on earth the appendix is on the right side. I'm not a doctor but it could be an ovary and if you're feeling heat, it could be inflamed.

I suggest you do go to the doctor or the emergency at the hospital to seize this checked out. Don't wait.

If it is nought, they will send you home but at lowest possible you will have peace of mind.

Take meticulousness.
Could possibly be your large intestine, you may hold some blockage or worse.. something could be wrong with your liver which is terribly serious. Sometimes pain can be so intense that it may be.. let's a short time ago say for example.. contained by one of your kidneys or elsewhere in your body and be aware of like it is coming from the different side of where it if truth be told originates.

You should see a doctor and own him/her check it out as soon as possible just to be on the secure side.

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