Allergy season is upon us. What hold you found to be the OTC antihistamine next to the fewest side effects?

Along with the best usefulness, of course.

Sudafed Nondrying Allergy / Sinus is the best, non drowsy, and it works speedily. I have be using this for years. If I get a sinus headache I whip 1 excedrin migraine and 1 sudafed sinus and it's gone. Try it.
Claritin, I take one everyday.
Great press!

Depending on the severity of the allergy season, two items have help me:

1) Loratadine (OTC tablet)
2) Quercetin (OTC supplement)

If I need instant nouns, I take the Loratadine. If I want a intuitive antihistamine and have time to build up my imperviousness before allergy season really hits, I purloin the Quercetin tablets or eat a massive apple. Apples are a natural souce of Quercetin.
My girls use Claritin. This OTC medication is successful for 24 hours and doesn't make you drowsy. It works recent times take it once a morning.
Why don't you treat the allergy basically?

Antihistamine fashion the allergy to be under the skin temporarily
but not treat it. So it make next allegy symptoms to be more sever.
Narural herbal treament are strongly requested.

Please pop in the below and read two cases of Atopy or
orther cases regarding allergy.
From one allergy sufferer to another :OTC Clartin or Claritin D!
Vitamin C is a inherent antihistamine. I read also that fenugreek, a natural herb, cuts down on excess mucus.

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