A bright red, blood-filled (or so it appears) bump have appeared on my collar ... what is it?

About a week ago this bright red bump appeared on my neck/upper chest. It started out small but now have grown and appears to be filled near blood. It almost looks like a pimple, but it's unlike any pimple I've have before ... near doesn't appear to be pus, just blood. I tried pricking it next to a (sterilized) pin and it bled for a while but did not go down ... it simply filled up next to blood again and remained. I have a dermatologist appointment for subsequent week but I wanted to see if anyone here have any ideas more or less what it could be before I progress. Thanks in finance!

I'm going to go near a hemangioma or sometimes they are called capillary hemangioma, they are benign. Let me know if dermatologist say that too :), but kinda hard to read aloud without a picture. They can be taken past its sell-by date for cosmetic reasons if you want, but they aren't perilous if that is what it is.
That's not honest. Not to say it's deathlike, I mean.

But if there's blood contained by there, to some extent than pus, it's more serious.

Good to go to doctor!! If you'd have it for few months, just as it is, it would also be more serious. We are warn about similar looking blemishes which are not gone inside few weeks. So it's definitely moral you're going to doctor.

He may just vote it'll go away by itself or near little medication.
But you do need to own it checked out.

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