ACNE HELP PLEASE! pic included?

i didn't have any acne problems for most of my giant school years

but ever since the train of my freshman year in college i've be havin acne problems

it was little by little, one by one, its kinda gotten outta appendage

what should i do?

here's a pic

what should i do?

whats the first step to gettin rid of this curse!

Ok, well its be said to be clean, which logically is true and dont let ur hand come in contact next to ur face after u guzzle oily foods aka french fries hamburgers. And try topical medication blah blah. But u know what try Acne-Free. it costs less after proactive and comes in a larger bottle. And it does wwork ive tried it. I read the sign and idk if this makes a signifcant difference or not but the concentration of medication (benzoyl peroxide) is greawter within the acne-free. I bought a 3-piece set at costco for like 25 bux and its twice the size of proactive bottles. And it comes beside a spot-treatment. My acne isnt severe and mostly occurs around my hairline, so its not too manifest. It worked for me but idk if it works for u ?
i have used proactive and it really does work. you should try it.
merely wash your obverse twice everyday with soap (when u get up up and before you be in motion to bed) and thatll make it move about away
Proactive really does work if you use it consistently, follow the directions and you should see results in days.
Proactiv is plainly the key. I didn't believe the infomercials but have given everything else a try with no nouns. I tried Proactiv and saw results after the first day. They even hold a trial package for twenty bucks...a small investment for great results.
the three step treatment for proactive will back, follow it, start simple then little by little aplly more and follow the directions
be clean.. severely clean. you requirement to buy those face cleaning whip. and start cleaning your face plentifully more. most acne is because your skin is oily. so start cleaning your facade before you move about to bed and in the mornings past you go to academy or start your day.
Also save your hands stale of your face. your hand carry seriously of oil and germs from constantly coutching things throughout the day.
blah blah blah poractiv.
yes i enjoy it and it works per-say.
but seriously, get the proactiv but obtain clearisil ultra too.
its supposed to clear up in almost 3 days.
i really saw a difference using the clearasil with it.
because it wasnt working by itself.
but a restraining...
dont over use the clearisil.
it will without a doubt start to dry your skin up.
not so fitting.
but it really clears up.
try it.

hope i helped.
economically I really feel for you because I am surrounded by the same boat. I own tried everything from facial peels, erythtomycin to retin-a. Clyndamycin topical treatment did not even work. I switched my makeup and spent loads of money on herbal remedies and PROACTIV but nought has worked and the elder I am getting the worse it gets. From your picture it looks resembling you have cystic acne (it get red and swollen but never comes to a head) this by the way scar. I am going on monday to the DERM to get accutane. My mother and my sis both have to get on it. I tried everything and thought that I would not every turn on accutane because of all the side effects. However, I own found myself trying it as a last resort and hoping that it works and some of my scarring get better. My acne was really never what I would nickname severe but continuous, meaning that it really never cleared up. So I am going to try this since nil else has worked. By the opening I am an esthetician and believe me when I say that nought worked. Try some of the things that I listed above and drink lots of marine and if you find yourself in equal situation then dance see a derm. He or she will know what to do for you.

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