After going through do you control the regrowth of down since it comes within so fine and sinewy?

A thickening or volumnizing mousse works economically. The good article to know is that within a few months you should start notice your hair becoming thicker again. That first fresh growth is like what you would expect to find next to a new infant but it does get better.
it comes surrounded by that way at first ,but as it grows ,it thicken up for you
It will come back to everyday - you have to skulk.just get on regular day and don't verbs about it.
my father surrounded by laws down came subsidise thicker and really wavy after his first chemo
GREETINGS, congrats for finishing chemo. I'm a cancer survivor too. I still hold thin pelt from the experience but I have thyroid issues too so not sure what's going on. I wore baseball cap, wigs, and get what I had contained by hair cut short close to I intended it to look that way, at lowest it was cooler within summer. Your own hair should come hindmost thicker and you will feel better in the order of it.
Just finished months of aggressive chemo and then a bone marrow transplant surrounded by Feb. My hair is growing rear too. Yippee for us!! :0) Mine came within thin at first so I wore a knit kids laugh at the wig effect it just wasn't "Me". I be glad, that thing be hot and itchy! I then go to a crocheted hat when it get hotter out. Now I have satisfactory to not wear a hat because you can't see my scalp anymore but it is VERY short. I enjoy been asked why I cut it that short, ha! I hold it trimmed on my neck and around my ears so it looks freshly cut... next to my husband's beard trimmer. Works like a charm. Mine is very soon starting to curl, which it never did before chemo. Aha...finally a cancer bonus except a handicap sticker for my car...A FREE perm! Congrats on making it through that grueling time!
As a cancer survivor and undergo chemo ,I lost a lot of my quill I actually purchased a horsehair which I wore to work and got plentifully compliments on . it has be a year since I had chemo and my quill has never really grown subsidise a lot since afterwards .lucklily there are closely of short cute hairstyles you can wear .I hope this helps and suitable luck with your situation I'll pray for you . I cant remeber if my avitiar is on my picture if it's a picture of me I am wearing a hairpiece it it .
Mine came subsidise fine and thin. I be advised to shave it adjectives off and start again. Great suggestion, my hair is immediately thicker than it has ever be. Also I noticed that the colour be more consistent now it have grown back. My district nurse give me the advice to cut adjectives the new growth backbone. Apparently if you do this the new growth is stronger.

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