Whats wrong near my heart/chest very soon?

about a week ago i posted a put somebody through the mill and this was up..

i went to the doctor but we departed because the wait be too long. it stopped happening consequently it changed jsut today. into pain, contained by my heart area, similar to lower right, the same place the pressure be a week ago. (the feelings surrounded by the question above). jsut presently it felt similar to a bubbly/pain feeling and i have to catch my breath. in a minute it hurts there. continuous.

i know i obligation to go to the doctor, i am going to stop anyone stupid and just be in motion. but give me some as to what's going on.

Answers:    Where exactly is the torment (right chest?) What were you doing when the niggle appeared? What type of pain is it (sharp, dull or response tight)? Does it spread anywhere? Do you feel sweaty? Does Mylanta (or other antacid) oblige to relieve it?

The pain could be anything from bitter reflux to heart problem. It is unlikely for you to have a heart problem judge from your age. However if the pain is really discomfited, go to the hospital.

One ending thing, the doctors will probably ask you some of the question I listed above.

Hope that help. Get well soon.
Well that depends. It could be a muscle spasm, it could be a muscle strain. But near may be something seriously wrong with your heart. The with the sole purpose way to know is to see your doctor, and if you acquire that pain again, you may want to turn to an emergency room where they will make available you some tests right away. Especially if you are not a babyish person, bring it checked out, please. Sorry to tell you this--some race when they are having a heart attack here is a lot of distress. Some people hold only for a time pain surrounded by their neck or throat, and some are solitary short of breath.

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