Acne on my fund and chest?

i really need hellp getting rid of severe,severe acne on my rear. im just started using proactive and it seem to be drying the pimples out but i dont know if its going to get rid of the scar. my whole hindmost is severely scarred please give support to. will proactive work? any other suggestions will help

You should use Aveeno Body wipe up it has oatmeal whitch would exfoliate your skin i used that and it healped clear some backpimples and d¨Ścolletage ones as well.This also help make your skin really really soft
the neutrogena one used to work for me two maybee it would work for you
Make sure you other wash your rear legs when you take a shower. and the proactive should work very well. if your worried about scarring I'd ask a doctor. they'd be more assistance than a bunch of bored kids on yahoo c[:
I used to have this problem! I have acne all over my posterior. My mom told me to never, EVER wear a bra at night, and after she bought me a back scrubber. Always be sure to return with your back adjectives sudsy. I still occasionally get a bump or two, but never as unpromising.
The proactive will get rid of the acne, but not the scar. Scars are almost impossible to gt rid of without expensive laser or doesn`t matter what procedures. But you can reduce the size and or visibilty of the mutilation by getting a cream that helps. Something close to scarzone. Ask your dermatoligist or doctor, they will be able to give support to you find a solution.
that is fruitless.

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