Ok so I have a hugely dear friend of mine that has be battling alcoholism for yesteryear 4 years. After talking to him, he finally granted to give up the booze entirely and have been sober for times past 21 days I reckon. I am currently coaching him through this, helping him get previous all the withdrawal..blah blah blah
And well he asked if he could drink one of those Smirnoff (sp?) alcoholic beverages, merely one he says. I want to permit him b/c A. he has be working really hard, not lately with his sobriety but next to everything else
I dont know alot about alcoholics and what not, but I touch like it wouldnt be smart for him to drink one and mess up his sobriety. I would repugnance it if that 1 drink turned into 5 or into a weekly event. He told me when he took his first drink he knew he be screwed b/c he was addicted so suddenly.
Does anybody have an hypothesis on what I should do, or any websites about alcoholics and what they should and shouldnt do?
Please and thank you! And no smart a** remarks..thanx

no he will never know how to take in recent times one sip. sorry this is the way it works. try and substitute an rime cream or something to celebrate
one drop and the boozer is gone.
The other guy is totally right. One drink and he is rear legs. I know guys who can not even have church communion because once they seize the taste of alcohol they will leader right over to the nearest bar. The answer is no.

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