Allergy test- please abet interpret results?

I had an allergy check done 5 years ago. My allergenist gave me the results via correspondence and never explained them to me, then he retired. So..for 5 years, I've have no clue what I'm allergic too...

does anyone know how to interpret the test results?

for example, for adjectives it uses skin prick at 20,000pnu's/cc
and for whole wheat it say, as the results, 5/10.
Beef is 5/9
maple tre is 6/9
willow is 0/5
LA/O trees is 5/0 (and what is LA/O trees?)
walnut tree is 5/5..

I dont remember exactly but the 2000pnus/cc is the dosage they injected/scratched into the skin of the allergyn.

The x/10 is how they rated your reaction.. I am not exaclty sure of the scale or the determinates. Google allergy carrying out tests and it might give you some results...
I'm not into medical stuff however hold you tried "" its a free site and it may help you near this or send you somewhere that it will.

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