Acne is killing my go. I am constiantly worrying about it i use really strong stuff which does nought i shower alot i clean my obverse i cut down on chocolate i use acne medicine BUT I CANT GEET RID OF IT! i muse it started when i started to shave and irritated my skin ! it will not leave ive tried everything. Im done using store bought products SOMONE please distribute me some thing to do that works promptly and efficantly that i can do in my own house im desperate

wow... i have the exact same attitude about a year ago. I also tried everything that be in the marketplace but, nothing worked. I finally convinced myself that I needed to settle to a dermatologist about my skin and my acne started to lessen inside a couple of months. When i talked to the dermatologist, he started me out on some severely strong stuff because I had severe acne, as they call it. I am not lying when I say this but, in 5-6 months my acne was almost completely gone. I still have the acne scars but, it be better than the white head/ really red pimples that were underneath my skin. If you get yourself checked out by a dermataologist, and he tell you that you have acne call cysts, then ask him going on for taking accutane. I'm very serious when i vote this in that this product is hugely strong. It dryed my entire face out unto the point be I had to start putting dermatologist prescribed lotion on my facade. But, it worked! The doctor told me to take the accutane for 5 months and if I didn't see reorganization then, I could see what my other option were. Luckily, I didn't involve to talk around other products b/c this one worked just fine. I feel the exact same way and it seem like everyday that I would step outside someone would stare at my face. They weren't though, it be just my extremely conscious behavior toward my acne.
Proactiv Solution. You have probably see infomercials about it, and frequent people don't believe that it works. I am a honest customer of theirs and it works wonders. I deduce your problem is just inheritance. Some teens break out in acne for a time of year of time. It is just member of the maturing process of your skin and face. Your body is producing oil that clog your pores and create acne. Give proactiv a try. Good Luck.
I used a trial of proactiv and I noticed the difference the unbelievably next daytime. It's so amazing.
pro active solution that stuff is awesome i strongly recomend the "fefining mask" that stuff works overnight presently if that stuff dosent work on you then you involve to go see a specialist

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