My 5 month aged babe-in-arms have red dots adjectives over his body and he his reslly fussy?

My 13 month old have the same problem after he have a cold. He just have a reaction to the virus and it cause him to rash out adjectives over. It started mostly on his trunk area and consequently spread to the arms and legs and neck.
bring it to the doctor, duh.
Chicken Pox?
Heat reckless, (were you outside)
Did you change lotions or supply sun screen or laundry soap??
I'd send for the MD - let them know what is wrong could be a # of things - (shots did he own shots recently sometimes we forget and a week after that they react)
Exposed to anyone with the measles or chicken pox?
could be the chicken pox, own you tryed benadrill cream or calamine lotion? also avno bath, and possibly a little tynoal for the fussin
If it happen recently, it could be an allergic criticism. Take him to the ER immediately if those red dots and his fussiness basically came from nowhere.
chicken pox
He conspicuously has a reckless, but sounds like it could be any of the following:
Chicken pox
Poison Ivy
Poison Sumac
Poison Oak
Any other serious impetuous.

Take him in to see the doctor presently. Dont wait. It wont bring back better just ignore it.

Good Luck.
better check with his doctor. strep throat cause a rash and child hood dieseases
Take your babe to the doctor especially if he/she also has a disorientation. Could be chicken pox, mumps, rash etc. Doctor wants to determine that and provide medication for the problem or at least to improve the symptoms.

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