Can any age attain Parkinson's disease?

can a young party get parkinson's or is it mostly elder people?

Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disease of the fretful system associated with trembling of the arms and legs, stiffness and rigidity of the muscles and slowness of movement (bradykinesia).

A third of those artificial by the disease go on to develop senile dementia. Seriously artificial patients may suffer from complications such as pneumonia, septicaemia (blood poisoning), stroke, urinary tract infection and pressure sores and some of these may be fatal.

What cause Parkinson's disease?

It is caused by the progressive loss of brain cell (neurones) in a cut of the brain called the substantia nigra, which produces the chemical dopamine.

As the cell die, less dopamine is produced and transported to the striatum, the nouns of the brain that co-ordinates movement.

Symptoms develop as neurones die off and dopamine level drop.

Research suggests Parkinson's sufferers may also lack other brain chemicals including serotonin (linked to mood), noradrenaline (linked to blood pressure control) and acetylcholine (linked to mental state).

Who is artificial?

Parkinson's affects 8000-10,000 new ancestors in the UK respectively year: on average one person within every 500 is affected by Parkinson's disease.

Most patients are over 40 and it really rarely affects race below this age (only 5 per cent). However, some people own developed Parkinson's in their teens.

The risk rises so that by the age of 80 more than two those per 100 of the population have developed some signs of the condition. Both sexes and adjectives races appear to be equally artificial.

Other risk factors may include:

pesticide and herbicide exposure

rural living

previous commander injury

impairment of smelling capacity

uncontrollable personality

severe heated trauma/stress.

In a small minority of patients Parkinson's may be inherited. These patients usually develop the disease beneath the age of 50. Two genes called alpha-synuclein and parkin hold been coupled to the disease, although others may also be involved. Their exact function is unknown and currently genetic tests for them are not routine, as most notes remains experimental.
Older people
Google it.
Cases of PD are reported at adjectives ages, though it is uncommon within people younger than 40. The average age at which symptoms switch on in the U.S.A. is 58-60
Parkinsons is a degenerative condition of the mind , who dramatic symptom are effortlessly seen contained by the older long-suffering. But onset can start in not so antiquated people. Look at Michael j. Fox.hes only just old.
Any age can acquire it but most are over 40
Yes, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed contained by his 30's I believe.
It is usually something people hold when they are older but it is complicated to tell as symptoms dont come adjectives at once. Michael j fox had it babyish and first noticed his finger trembling and have little control over it and it gradually get worse. I read his book.
younger people can develop parkinsons to but i guess its more common within older folks. Have a look at this webiste for the parkinsons disease society
Parkinson's isn't an Infectious Disease. People usually show symptoms between 50-60 but it can occur at an quicker age.
my mum was 34, its call young start parkinsons. she is 67 now and still battle on
outdated people
I deem you can get it at any age,look at Micheal J Fox he be in his in arrears 20's I think when he be diagnosed and then in that is my mum who is her 60's and she has it.It is more adjectives in elder people but yes,younger can enjoy it to.

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