A stumper for the docs out nearby..?

A while back I started have pains in my vanished side, at first I thought it was trapped gas pains. Then it progressed to such a severity that I couldn't saunter or even breath without SEVERE niggle. I assumed i might have broken some ribs. Or even thought a kidney or something be the culprit. I developed a high disorientation and was contained by severe pain, drove to the ER, barley get there because the confusion was so illustrious I was awfully disoriented, when i got here my blood pressure was fundamentally low, i was surrounded by severe pain and I have a horrible horrible headache and I was out if it mentally. They couldn't donate me pain meds because my pressure be too low. They immediately hooked me up to an IV. I evoke that my white blood cells be off and they thought I have some sort of infection however they could not determine where it be coimng from, they did a blood test, and next they did an ultrasound of my kidneys to check for stones, no stones, they did see a cysts but said that shouyld not be the cause. (see more details)

You might enjoy a stone in your small intestine. If a stone contained by the gallbladder is present, the enzymes accumulate and might do a fistula, then the stone go straing to your small intestine and gets stuck contained by the ileum. This will cause discomfort, inflammation. If it was fundamental a blood source it can cause hypotension.
?? is in that a point to this or possibly a question?
I'm thinking you might own a bloodborne infection possibly caused by an environmental condition, such as mold, dye from clothing that be worn before wash, possible fecal contamination from a public toilet. I highly doubt you own kidney stones. High fever way infection or virus. it is the body's response to that. Tell the doctor everything you have or could enjoy come into contact with surrounded by the last few weeks or months, and if you hold been out of the country.
Fever customarily means an infection. But it could be due to more serious disease like blood diseases and things approaching that. The spleen is also on the left side. Well, distress tolerance from one person to another is different. What is severe to you is mild to another. Do emergency a full investigation from the docs.

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