Will a dehumidifier oblige near COPD tolerant?

Byron is correct. Most people next to severe lung disease have more difficulty breathing when humidity level reach 75% and above. If the humidity is accompany with dignified temperatures (90 degree and above) the breathing can become impossible. I have a terminal lung disease and I cannot whip much humidity at all. If I breathe humid nouns and the ambient temperature is 85 or above, I have a feeling like I am drowning. It is major to work with the long-suffering and the patient's pulmonologist to find some sort of balance. If the merciful lives in Arizona, after he/she probably doesn't need a dehumidifier. If the tolerant lives on the coast of Florida, a dehumidifier is a great idea, but a move to a drier climate might even be better.
I would guess so.Is the person on O2?
It depends on the party. It may help some and depends on the atmosphere prior to using it.
If they are on O2 they can use humidified nouns. The bottle of purified water should attach to the concentrator. Ask the polmonologist first.
High-flow, humidified O2 is better for COPDers than dry O2. If this pt. is on continuous O2, cool aerosol may be better. What's the percentage or LPM of O2 transport? But in the ruin, whatever the pulmonologist advice is what you'll do first.
I have done both

If the nouns is really dry a humidifier helps, if the nouns is really moist ( for me humidity over 85%) then I have need of a dehumidifier.

But I found that oxygen helped more than the humidifiers
Just my experience near COPD

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