How can I stop hyperhidrosis?

Mainly excessive sweating under the arms triggered from anxiety. Im other anxious though because i have an anxiety disorder. So I cant win!

I own the exact same problem, and in Canada you can draw from a product called Drysol over the counter at drugstores. It stings and burns really impossible the first few times but really works!
I suggest you speak to your doctor. You can try Mitchum antiperspirant. It's pretty strong I hear. And hyperhydrosis can be treated with a sympathectomy procedure. Run a force out on this topic or on hyperhidrosis and learn more give or take a few treatments. You can ask your doctor about what you swot.
I was at the store not long and they have a prescription strength antiperspirant. If you own tried that route, you might look into botox. The following is a link to the FDA discussing the approval of Botox to treat excessive sweating.

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