Would intake nil but apples for 3 days be contaminated?

supposedly it would get rid of adjectives of my acne.

I have be on accutane(isotretinoin) for 3 1/2 months and have see no improvement.

for 3 days?? without fault fine.

"BELIVE ME" i went on this diet and as you can see i'm without a flaw fine.

You'll just be really hungry adjectives the time and probebly lose weight.

(did you grasp this from a book?) eating apples and drinking marine for 3 days straight. since you'r going to clean out you'r body you will see some posetive results next to acne, cuz i know i did.
It will not get rid of your acne as acne is cause by the staph bacteria contained by your body trying to fight sour the dirt and oil explicitly clogging your pores. It would very sickly to eat with the sole purpose apples for 3 days.
I've lived on Jello for two weeks and lost weight, so three days near something better should be a piece of cake.
It wouldn't be unhealthy but I focus it's an odd treatment for anything. You sure would be tired of apples after a while.
Try drinking more river and see if that helps.
if you can not exchange blows bacteria and hormones, you can alteration diet
but 3 days is not enough to distribute the result
I was treated for this, and after squeezing and 100 cremes be told - don't drink Coke,don't eat rime cream ,no chocolate, only cooked meat...I prefered acne
as expected it's unhealthy...try to do afollow up check up.
dude grease causes ance use verbs and clear 10% and wash your frontage when you use the 10% smere it on your face beside water so it won't be to strong and if wash your face is irratating your skin, use clearasil obverse wipes (don't rub around eyes near wipes)
those pills your taking trash them there a menace to your health plus you can basically wash or wipe grease away it's that easy no want to mess your health up

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