Can takubg Miralax or Glycolax help with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)?

Previously, my doctor prescribed Zelnorm to treat my IBS. It worked OKAY; It DID help. Since the FDA pulled Zelnorm off the market due to some side-effects (heart problems), there is nothing available to treat IBS. I have lower abdominal pain ALL the time. Imagine that someone has put a long balloon in your lower intestine and blew it up. None of my clothes fit me, and I have to buy pants in a size larger than I actually am in case I have an "episode" of increased pressure (it comes and goes all day every day). I have tried drinking more water (all it does it make me use the bathroom all day and all night and I wake up in a bad mood due to lack of sleep), taking fiber pills, taking laxatives, glycerin Suppositories, gas-x, papaya extract, Aloe Vera, etc... You name it I have taken it. I have been taking Miralax (Glycolax, RX version) for a few months now. It does seem to help a bit. Is this a long-term solution? Any suggestions?

IBS has several types. If you were taking Zelnorm, it must have been the constipation predominate type, as that is the only type Zelnorm was approved for use in. Another choice for the constipation symptoms is Miralax, Glycolax. These are polyethylene Glycol products, also now sold over the counter. They work well and are well tolerated. Another choice is a new drug called Amitiza. It is expensive, about $300/mo. There are other drugs , but a family doctor should be able to help you with your choices. We do not have a "Cure" for IBS

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