A severely honourable friend of mine have spots on her legs,please what can she use 2 clear those spots?

Where on her legs are these spots?
UH-OH that might be bad, she should see a doctor.
Hammer, Chisel, and closely of Polyfiller
If it is dry skin spots, she needs to exfoliate using a loufer ocean sponge and use an intense moisturiser daily. If it is acne, later she needs to step and see a doctor (whats her face approaching??)!
See the doctor, but consider the obvious.have she been within a house where near are pets which could result in flea bites or an allergic spontaneous effect? Has she used a new product that could own caused a spontaneous effect? Has she eaten an oriental lunchtime (I once got spots from too much monosdium glutamate!) but most high-status SEE A DOCTOR!
i some times get them 2, above my knees its mostly due 2 wearing jeans adjectives the time,that is because of within grown hairs, I've presently started using removal creams and exfoliating 3 times a week with one of thighs scrunchies
a tanning booth

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