How does it quality to hold illustrious blood pressure within your 30s?

i know of a person who have a high BP around 140/90 contained by his 30s. I want to know how the person must be reaction. Is it normal to be
1) infatuated with the large BP
2) sometimes insensitive to others you live with even when the other creature is not keeping well / indifferent
3) features of think you are going to die unbelievably soon and do research on all the related diseases that you can bring and think you hold them.. like stroke.. etc
4) ask ppl around to save the hospital emergency numbers

i find some of the behaviour fundamentally strange and sometimes very irritating and angry. So i want to know from ppl who hv large BP how they feel so i can know this person better. gratitude for all the give a hand!

Answers:    a BP of 140/90 is borderline but not so serious to act close to death is just round the corner... this person may purely be seeking alot of attention or is really overreacting and risking friends and family abandon him for his behavior. If he has any symptoms at adjectives it shouldnt have him acting that method and sounds like he wants psychiatric intervention. Try to be understanding but dont permit this obsession embezzle you over.
Apart from headaches, I dont touch any different to how I would feel if my BP be normal, my BP is usually up around 190/110. The reality is, your friend is being a drama queen, their physical symptoms would be least.

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