All the ways STDs are transmitted?

can somebody tell me? through kissing? through oral sex? facilitate!

s.t.d.'s are transmitted through mucous membranes ie.
nose, mouth, vaginal,

although it is not probable you would get anything from kissing unless the party is having a herpes simplex outbreak( cold sores).
STDs can just be transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids. You should check out Its a really great site with biddable info about STDs
my mom is a nurse so i call her up and this is what she told me.

In a person infected beside HIV, the virus can be present in the body's semen, blood, and breast milk. It can also be present, contained by much smaller quantities, within vaginal secretion, saliva, and tears.
The AIDS virus can be transmitted via any of these fluids, but only the first two -- semen and blood -- are expected to be involved. Anal sex is the most commonly perceived method of transfer, but vaginal sex have been repeatedly shown to transmit HIV. Men are smaller quantity likely than women to be infected through vaginal sex, but in attendance are recorded cases of men have been infected this path. Cunnilingus and fellatio have also be established as capable of transmitting the virus. Sexual actions, not sexual orientation, transmit the virus.
HIV cannot be passed on through indifferent contact, hugging, hand-shaking, touching the sweat of an infected person, or mosquito bites.

The germs that causes gonorrhea can be passed through sexual contact, such as intercourse, fellatio, anal sex, cunnilingus and even kissing, although the concluding is rare.

Nominally sexual contact, but can be transmitted by blood transfusion or from an infected pregnant woman to her fetus.

The virus is transmitted through sexual contact. Warts are considered deeply contagious even in empire who show no visible symptoms.

Generally by sexual contact. Direct contact beside infected genitals can cause nouns via intercourse, rubbing genitals together, oral genital contact, anal sex, or oral/anal contact. In addition, usually protected areas of skin can become infected if there is a cut, unthinking, sore. Herpes viruses can be spread surrounded by some instances by kissing, if one participant has the infection sited contained by or near the mouth.

Nominally through sexual contact, however they may be picked up through use of sheets, towels or clothing used by an infected party.

In cases involving a pathogen, sexual intercourse, as well as hand with semen or vaginal secretion on them infecting the eye.

Hepatitis B is transmitted through contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual, and that includes sexual contact. It is a considered a highly infectious disease and should be taken seriously. Sadly no cure for Hepatitis B

Trichomoniasis is transmitted by penis-in-vagina intercourse or vulva-to-vulva contact beside an infected partner. Women can contract the disease from infected men or women, but men usually get it merely from infected women. The protozoan can survive for a time on sheets and towels, and an infection can possibly be transmitted by sharing those objects.

thats about adjectives i could think of i hope this help!
oral sex / anal sex/ vaginal sex/ mutual masturbation / having semen sprayed on you / by oral / i / stingy / men/ or women / deep kissing / the register /is endless
nouns of body fluids
Sex Has Nothing to Do With AIDS

David Rasnick, Visiting Scientist, UC Berkeley
January 20, 2003

I challenge [doctors] to come up near the names, even one will do, of the those documented to have shown that AIDS or HIV is sexually transmitted. I know of no such study.

In reality, the scientific, medical literature is full of evidence that neither AIDS nor HIV is sexually transmitted. It is single assumed that they are.

The results of the world's best scientific study that attempted to determine the efficiency of heterosexual nouns of antibodies to HIV was conducted by Nancy Padian and her colleagues (Padian NS, et al. 1997: Heterosexual nouns of human immunodeficiency virus in northern California: results from a ten-year study. Am J Epidemiol 146: 350-7).

The most striking result of the ten-year study is that Padian et al. did not take a look at any HIV-negative sex partners becoming
HIV-positive from years of unprotected sexual intercourse beside their HIV-positive partners. I repeat?NOT ONE HIV-negative sex partner become positive during the 10- year study. Therefore, the observed transmission use was ZERO.

However, to avoid reporting a not anything efficiency for the sexual nouns of HIV, Padian and colleagues assumed that the
HIV-positive sex partners surrounded by their study must have become positive through sexual intercourse beforehand entering the study. Using that assumption, they estimated that an HIV-negative woman would have to enjoy sexual intercourse 1,000
times with HIV-positive men back becoming HIV-positive herself. Even more astounding, HIV-negative men would have to enjoy 8000 sexual contacts before becoming HIV-positive.

Virtually exchangeable figures hold been reported by others (Gisselquist, D., et al., HIV infections within sub- Saharan Africa not explained by sexual or vertical transmission. Int J STD AIDS, 2002. 13: p. 657-666; Jacquez, J.A., et al., Role of the primary infection contained by epidemics of HIV infection in gay cohorts. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr, 1994. 7: p.1169-1184).

Given these info and that the US Centers for Disease Control estimates that one million Americans have antibodies to HIV raise an enormous problem for sexually transmitted HIV. Since at hand are around 280 million men and women in the USA, that vehicle that on average an HIV-negative woman would have to hold random sexual intercourse 140,000 times?and a man eight times that number?contained by order to become HIV-positive (assuming equal distribution of HIV between the sexes).

Below are further examples in the literature that neither AIDS nor HIV is sexually transmitted.

- None of the husbands of HIV positive women become antibody positive to HIV over a three-year period. (Lancet ii: 581 (1985), Stewart et al.}

- No nouns of HIV was observed between couples surrounded by which all of the women be HIV positive and in which at tiniest 100 sexual contacts occurred. (JAMA 259: 3037 (1988), Padian et al.)

- After a be a sign of of 3-1/2 years of unprotected intercourse, with an average of 50 sexual encounter per year, only one hemophiliac wife become HIV positive. (American Journal of Medicine 85: 472 (1988), Kim et al.)

- No transmission of T-cell abnormality from hemophiliacs with AIDS to their spouses. (JAMA 251: 1450 (1984), Kreiss et al.)

- "The number of American and European heterosexuals who own had sexual relations beside a prostitute, who have no other
admit risk factors (such as drug abuse), and who hold subsequently developed antibody to HIV can be
counted on the fingers of one hand. Sex near a prostitute is not even listed as a risk category by the American CDC." (Rethinking AIDS, Root-Bernstein, 1993)

- "Non-drug abuse prostitutes have no complex risk of AIDS than other women." (AIDS: the second decade, report from the
National Academy of Sciences USA, 1990)

The same is true for prostitutes in Germany, Zurich, Vienna, London, Paris, Pardenone (Italy), and Athens. (Klinische
Wochenschrift 65: 287 (1987), Luthy et al.; Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 98: 697 (1986), Kopp & Dangl-Erlach; Lancet ii: 1424 (1985), Brenky-Fandeux & Fribourg-Blanc; British Medical Journal 297: 1585 (1988), Day et al.; Scand J Infect Dis 21: 353 (1988), Hyams et al.)
Anywhere bodily contacted of an infected character and fluids exchanged or similar in short,
Above have given good answers so not much use me going any further

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