Allergy-swollen glands?

Hi! I just just this minute bought a puppy (Havenese) whose breed is great for people near allergies. However, my glands are very tender and swollen and it hurts a bit to swallow. Could I be having an allergy to my dog? Are swollen glands a symptom of allergies? I embezzle prescription Zyrtec everyday for my allergies. Or do you think it could possibly be a bacterial infection? Any minister to would be greatly appreciated.

Your swollen glands do not sound close to an allergic reaction to me. Common symptoms include itchy skin, runny muzzle, watery eyes. Still, you can single be sure by asking your doctor.

Read the common symptoms of allergy here
Swollen glands aren't usually cause by allergies. You probably just hold a virus that will go away surrounded by a few days. Any dog can cause allergies though, so even if you bought one to be precise good for empire with allergies it is still possible that you are allergic to it. But if you be allergic you would probably be sneezing and have itchy, liquid eyes.
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