Does BO jump away?

About 13, I got BO which I resembling most, cover up with lynx. Does BO ever dance away?

Ah, thats where you are going wrong sunshine- you valet it away with hot hose and soap- then you apply your deodrant- you do not cover it up- that in recent times masks the smell and make the smell worse. You change your clothes regualarly- its no right washing and putting deodrant and putting a stinking shirt put money on on. Its a life long thing- sweating is essential but you purely have to swot up to keep verbs and make sure you use moral deodrants- clean clothes.
Yes it does, but you involve to WASH it away, not just try to cover it up.
You involve to wash yourself and your clothes and save them clean and you won't procure BO
Yes, if you wash properly beside a good standard soap and water and afterwards use a good deodorant.
Yes it will shift away if you have a shower. Do this every daylight and you won't have the problem anymore
Don't know what lynx is, but you call for to wash and shower WITH SOAP EVERYWHERE every year. You should exercise more, which will clean out your pores. Use a flawless deoderant - most "natural" products don't work well, as judge by my own stink when I use them. Also, eating a crappy diet (chips coke candy) will also sort you stink. Another way to support is to shave your armpit hair (seems to be my answer for everything on this board - ha ha!) Best.
wipe properly and in summer months more regularly. if bo ever purely went away plentifully of companies would end up insolvent very like lightning
ok being a mannish with dishevelled armpits is a breeding ground for bacteria shower morning and darkness wear an anti persprant 24hr use lynx on your clothes if you like that if you still suffer near bo you may need the glands lower than your arms reduced or takin out a bit drastic but can be done ...
Not without deodorant.
bathe with soap every morning. got to boots and buy Mitcham deodorant - really does work.
Body odour is first and foremost due to dirty bodies, BUT not always, some times it down to a condition of the sweat glands.

The smell of body sweat is not to fruitless really, its STALE dirty body odour that is horrible.

So you have a choice, lots of soap and dampen, if that fails next go see your GP.

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