A cut become Genital Warts?

My boyfriend 2 years ago received a cut on the side of his penis. Last month he noticed it turned into cauliflower resembling. He went to the doctor and the doctor said he have genital warts. I get tested...Negative. So he told me the doctor said he got genital wart because the cut got infected. I'm looking on the web, and I see nothing to where on earth that can happen. So can it? Is he bullsh**ting me in the region of what the doctor said?

3 hours ago
He says he didn't cheat and that it could hold gotten infected with anal sex contained by which we did. But I thought it could only turn into Genital wart if someone else had the virus or it itself...

to be honest...if he have a cut on his penis... and it gets artificial.. and you came out denial on the test.. he any got it from someone else that be affected and it get to his cut or he is lyin to u ma'm!
yes hon, unfortunately you are right. Warts is a virus not a germs, so you can only carry it by having contact next to another infected person. It have nothing to do near anal sex.
He is lying! Lose him!
It wouldn't upset me if he just come at me and said he had it...but he's lying roughly getting HPV from a cut! That's weak...I'd evacuate him. Just for LYING.
There is no way that he can grasp genital warts from a cut. HPV is a virus that can mete out genital warts and for you not to own it and for him to have it is a given that he slept beside someone else. You can get the virus from anal sex, if you are infected near the virus. But considering that your test be negative, he must hold cheated on you.
Your boyfriend is lying through his teeth. He has Genital wart, and he got it from somebody else- not a cut on his little winkie! You inevitability to stop sleeping with him or you will also hold them.
did the doctor check your anus...you could be infected in your anus but not within your vagina...do not have sex again until you know!

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