Am I addicted?

I started smoking about a year ago, so I am by no funds a novice. Still, a year subsequently, I am not a heavy smoker. I smoke an average of roughly one cigarette a day, but that's within spurts of about two or three cigarettes every two or three days. On average, I smoke as much as I did a year ago, just about a pack every two weeks. Is this a significant problem?

Are you addicted? Probably. If you weren't, then you wouldn't still be doing it. Try to quit presently. Smoking at all is a significant risk to your strength, and with everything else out here, why add an extra to the list? Good luck.
yes. stop smoking.your an user. you will die from smoking.its sad. its the truth though. procure some nicorette or something...
smoking is addictive... and cood be harmful to ur condition... i wood seek a different sort uv hobbie to do. try getting a work that u need to b devoted to to return with ur mind off uv it!
smoking even as little as you do is not a moral health move, but I would say-so you're only at a mental addiction right in a minute, vs. a physical one.
so why are you smoking? you are really not smoking alot at all. can you find something else to do when you want that 1 cig? i know that you can stop right in a minute, and you can. this is not a huge problem but sounds like you a bored. pick up a carrot stick, hold a pen or pencil when you want that cig.a short time ago try it. buy the way, i am a smoker trying to quit.i smoke a pack a please just stop. angelic luck to you. :)
You are by no means a tenderfoot? At a year, What are you twelve? Yes, you have a significant problem.
visibly none of the above answerers are smokers (one's not even a good speller), but give somebody a lift it from me, a cigarette or two a day will own NO impact on your lifespan, unless you die in a vehicle accident while trying to hurricane lantern a ***. (Don't report me if your gay, it's slang for a cigarette).
This is not a significant problem and your not addicted as long as you know you can quit just formerly the cancer kills you.
Yes you are, any you are a non smoker.or you are a doesnt matter how much you smoke you are still putting the chemicals from the cigs contained by your system, maybe not as speedy as some but you are still addicted if you smoke. you can quit by working with your brain first...see yourself not wanting a cig...see yourself not have one and when you do have one it is harsh drink lots of water and quit...hope it help

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