Please dont pocket it the wrong process my buttox itches what could it be?

Like I said it really itches should i go to a doctor?

If it itches at hours of darkness especially - I think you may enjoy worms. If so visit your chemist and speak next to the chemist and he/she will help you beside some medication.

No big deal. If your dismayed just continue until the shop is empty and speech quietly to someone you approaching in the shop

flawless luck
is it inside? If so, you have worms. Go to the pharmacy and ask for combantran. It works :)
hemroids if you own been sitting on the ground or anything strong , it also could be a rash , or if your allergic to soap ...because some parts of your body are more sensitive than others
ya any u need a doctor or a shower
What slice of yoru butt itches? If it's the cheeks, try putting baby powder on them after you shower.

If it's your bumhole... capably... i'd go see a doctor. Have you be eating anything different lately? Sweating more? Showering smaller amount? Wearing different underwear?
If you're referring to the skin on your backside it could be anything from the weather changing (you're sweating, it get itchy and irritated) to some type of contact dermatitis (maybe you changed something recently, similar to detergent used to do your laundry or a different kind of soap).

If you're conversation about an internal itching I would probably get hold of a doctor's appointment, like others mentioned. Could be hemorroids (swelling of the vein down south, so to speak).
Go see a Doctor.

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