Adult MMR Vaccine?? Please backing?

Whats the side effects. Anything contageous? What about sex is that ok?

My husband wants his MMR vaccine his mom didnt get him vaccinate as a kid for personal/religious reason, so to shift get his level at the community college they're requiring proof for all students.

nought contagious from it. Its possible he already had the measles, mumps and rubella when he be younger if he was never vaccinate.

If he doesn't want to get the shot in a minute he doesn't have to. You can still disallow even as an adult base on religious grounds, the only downside is that if nearby is an outbreak of measles in your community the conservatory would then public house him from classes until the outbreak was over.

The other piece to consider is that rubella can cause severe disrupt to unborn babies so if your husband contracts rubella and then spreads it to a pregnant woman that hasn't be vaccinated he should ask himself if he can live beside the damage he have done to her unborn child.
call ur local county form place or a hospital
Nearly all adults who receive the MMR vaccine will have no side effects at adjectives. Of those who do, most will have individual a mild reaction. Mild side effects include soreness, flush, or swelling where the shot be given, mild rash, mild to moderate frenzy, swelling of the lymph glands, and temporary discomfort, stiffness, or swelling in joint. Aspirin-free pain reliever can be used to run down fever and soreness.

In uncommon cases, an adult may enjoy a moderate reaction such as a commandeering related to having a lofty fever. In awfully rare cases, adults may own a serious reaction such as a short-term bleeding problem caused by low platelet counts, seizure related to high frenzy, lowered consciousness, or coma. Any moderate or serious reaction close to those described here needs instantaneous treatment by a doctor.

An adult’s chance of individual harmed by these diseases is far greater than any chance of human being harmed by the vaccine.
It is safe. Just little soreness will be experienced. I am sure he won't mind the sex I suggest lots of it. Don't return with pregnant because nobody knows what will occur. We don't test vaccines on pregnant women.

ya, ya, I know he will thank me following.

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