5 year mature near possible OCD?

My daughter who is 5 i think my own early signs of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). She will repeat things beside a question. For example, "mommy can you achieve me a drink?" I'll say yes and she'll hold on to asking 3 or 4 more times. When going up stairs if she doesn't start on her left foot, she'll start adjectives over again. She almost always flips the flimsy switch on in the bathroom twice. She repeats everything you speak and she says.

I'm hoping it's newly a phase and she's doing it for attention (which she get plenty of). What are your thoughts?

For a behavioral disorder to be considered, the symptoms must hold been ongoing for at most minuscule 6 months. If you're daughter meets this criteria, you own two choices. You can have her screen (there IS no "test") by a child psychologist or you can regard it as phase and stop giving her attention. Ignore this when it occur. Completely and absolutely. Repetitions and rituals (the sort of entry you've described) are a common event in childhood and most don't own anything to do with OCD. They ratify and without any outside assistance. If you can bring it for a few more months, try it. If this behavior hasn't been going on for 6 months, this will allow for that although it may resolve on its own.

Another responder mentioned echolalia, one symptom of autism. Echolalia, both on the spot and delayed, is when a person repeats what have been said to THEM or what they enjoy heard - a procession in a movie or on TV, for example. Your daughter is not doing this. She isn't repeating what she's hear. Disregard this answer.
it does sound resembling early OCD, but im no doctor. Maybe she think she has to do things twice, or ask you a cross-examine more then once. Tell her you contained her the first time and see if she keeps doing it. let somebody know her its okay to go up the stairs starting on her right foot, and show her you do it too. Your safest bet would be to address this to her pediatrician. Good Luck!
See a doctor. I be ADD when I was little. It could be a phase, but you want to get tested.
Echolalia I cogitate is the spelling. Whatever the cause, walk see a doctor right now and start supportive doings for your daughter (and for yourself as you will see).
my thoughts are yes it could be..i actually hold myself and it was brought on by giant levels of stress..she could be going through some trauma at university or playgroup..or she is just approaching you said going through a stage that she will grow out of..worth looking into

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