Acne blotch?

and i had this HUGE acne defacement for almost a full year, and i want to know if i buy a acne scar prepare thing will it dance away?
and What products works for acne scars?

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you expected chemical peel? if yes, you must be aware that chemical coat is not for everyone:

Depending upon the peel, you may be a interviewee for one if you have slight wrinkles, hyperpigmentations, splotchiness, irregularity, acne, acne scars, black head or sun damaged skin. You may not be a claimant if you have herpes as this can spread to your restorative skin and cause great, weeping sores which will bring down and scar your skin. Ask your primary physician for a release and possibly a prescription for a oral medications such as Zovirax. This will fall your risk of an outbreak. If your primary care physician does not release you or oppose to your having a strip - DON’T take that occasion. Also, deeper peels may not apply for you if you are prone to keloids or hyper- and hypopigmentation

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