Acid reflux disease. Has anyone have the procedure ESOPHYX , if so I would similar to to know if it worked for u?

This is a failry new procedure anyone used in eurpoean countries near good results. I enjoy been offered this free by a squad of Drs & would like to know if anyone out near has have it & if so how do u feel & did it work & what be the discomforts after this non invasive operation?

I suffer from Barrett's oesophagus, and this treatment is new to me. I will enjoy to look into it just within case I require it. Thanks for informing me almost it. Hope all go well for you.
No I don't mull over they will do it on the NHS but will be interested in your answers !
I would love any information on anything excluding pills or that other big surgery that is (sometimes) suggested.
I would try it out.this is the first i'm audible range about it though. why the hell not...hand over it a go! And if it works afterwards I'm flying right over.

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