Please answer: There is a huge, liquid lump...?

on my mom's right side of the back, a touch below the shoulder blades that feels resembling a water balloon underneath the skin and as you touch it, it moves a little.
We're thinking more or less taking her to emergency, but you know how they are, and telehealth couldn't diagnose over the phone. She has affliction shooting down her arm.
Is it a severly aggravated condition causing bloating contained by that area, or is it some insecure growth.
Please answer quickly. Thanx!
P.S. she's 56

it sounds approaching a cyst. dont be poking on it. ha.

it may go away over a couple of days, or it may stipulation to be lanced.

if you are worried just about it, she may just entail some antibiotics.

but if it is causing her anguish, where she cant move in need it hurting, or if she lays on it, it hurts, it maybe fixing to rupture and you do obligation to go to the Dr or Er.

if it ruptures she is at risk for infection. it can also perceive much better after it ruptures. its whether or not it water or pus bursting that the danger.

hope that help a little bit
Take her to do the doctors, how dumb are you.

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