Are the doctors any closer to a cure for cancer?

As a cancer researcher for many years, I hold to agree with Oncogenomics.
First point to sort: cancer is not just one disorder but several diseases all characterised by uncontrolled cell proliferation and fantasy of control mechanisms such as DNA repair, cell cycle checkpoints and apoptosis (programmed cell death). This head to cell proliferation but also to accumulation of mutations within the genome, because of lack of mechanism that may repair replication errors, and chromosomal abnormalities, near the result of a very aggressive and undifferentiated clone of malignant cell.

These mechanisms are the target of, not only chemotherapeutic treatments, which hold helped masses cancer sufferers in going into remission and also individual cured, but also (and in this I enjoy to disagree with one of the answerer) to cancer prevention. The latter is an upcoming pasture in cancer research and have enormous potentials for oodles reasons, including medical costs.
Prevention go into many directions, too: schooling towards an healthier duration style; early screening, molecular chemoprevention near specific drugs.
Chemoprevention is particularly adjectives in populations at risk of developing cancer. A perfect example is women carrying mutation on the Brca1 gene, which gives a high-ranking predisposition to breast cancer. Another example is people beside HNPCC, a subset of colon carcinomas with a genetic circumstance in which some DNA repair proteins (mismatch repair, or MMR) are missing.
Finally, we know that some diseases (mainly the ones near an inflammatory background) predispose people to cancer and we can deal with that. In our lab, we are interested in the prevention of colon cancer within people beside ulcerative colitis. There are several drugs developed for this purpose, the most studied is mesalazine (or 5-ASA). I could go on forever, but you could hold a look at our website (work in progress and our publications)

I am start and available for discussion!
For some cancers yes, others still pose problems.
I really dont know, but please God, let hope they are x
Sadly I don't think so when we don't even know what cause some cancers, but every break through is a life span saver for someone and I will more money could be invested into this instead of some of the other black holes it seems to go and get poured into.
no but fingering out the cause of lung cancer, so they can avoid it, hear on the radio
Sorry but I do not think they want to find one.I own heard that at hand already is a cure.
Cure,no. But, the medications used are recuperating everyday. I had breast cancer and survived due to the scientists who sacrifice their lives to minister to cancer patients.
I think it is one and only to make more money surrounded by pharmacy. Besides, cure cancer damage something else. I have lots of friends with cancer... lately one went through and carry healthier. She didn't use doctors at adjectives
The doctors will NEVER be close to curing cancer. if they can cure every bodies cancer than how can the hospitals and doctors make so much money? No, it will never transpire if you want to get rid of cancer you hold to do it yourself. check this site and do some research of your own. The answers are out there.
They would be closer if they could do stem cell research, and not be blocked by the current regime. Hopefully things will be better starting in 2008.

Many cancer are cured and people are living testament to medical research and progress.

The problem is that at hand are many types of cancer, or different parts of the body can develop cancer and some are much harder to treat than others.
Yes, prevention: there's a strong connection to better diet choices and behaviour. Eliminating exposure and consumption of toxins and carcinogens in our diet is critical. Raw milk and Raw foods are most powerful.
more people are surviving than they used to so i guess theyre getting here
some cancers,yes.progress is definately human being made,particularly surrounded by early detection screenings.for example,some cancer are "silent"-little or only mild symptoms,so pt is diagnosed extremely late,beside less result of surviving,as it have had time to spread.ovarian cancer,for example,have been scandalously difficult to detect,but new screening methods hold just be developed,which will catch it at a much early stage,therefore ascendant to a higher cure rate.i a moment ago read in the composition today that cancer death rates hold fallen within the past 2 years-more diagnosed patients are anyone cured,and more are experiencing lengthy remissions.disappointingly,due to epidemic rates of morbid obesity one seen contained by all developed countries,the cancer rates/deaths are expected by the world strength organisation to rise again,as obesity puts society at increased risk for a variety of cancer.its partly genetic,incompletely exposure to chemicals (in workplace ,etc.)and partly due to lifestyle factor,such as weight,over which we must cart control.(easier said than done-ive gained and lost matching 15 pounds all my vivacity!!).
Throughout the world there is amazing work going on contained by the search for cancer cures; (note the word 'cures' since heaps cancers obligation their own specific treatment). Pups (above) might like to know that a all-inclusive cure has not be found and then suppressed, since even doctors get hold of cancer and they would want the miracle cure to be available to them, too - as well as wanting to win the Nobel Prize for Medicine! I own a good friend working at the forefront of cancer research surrounded by one Europe's leading centre, and although excellent advances are man made, she and her colleagues have not however found a 'magic bullet, either. However, compared beside say, 25 years ago, in attendance are now tons cancers that can be cured if found untimely, or the patient given extra years of ordinary life through modern treatments.
Many cancer can already be cured. The general word cancer, is used to describe oodles different conditions. They will probably need to be tackle one at a time, rather than to expect some miraculous, adjectives encompassing ' cure for cancer '.
I surely would not rely on the doctors as they would lose alot of business if they told you there is a cure for cancer. The truth is that in attendance is a cure. It is called your immune system, if you treat it right, it will pilfer good protection of you. Doing this will take some sacrifice as at the moment diet is a big problem in America. You hold to change your diet, guzzle plenty of fruits & vegetables mostly raw, no dairy, no meat, no fried foods, no processed/refined/enriched products. You need to put away foods that will give you more alkalinity fairly than acidity as cancer thrives on an sharp environment but cannot live in an alkaline environment. This the bearing to prevent is as well as Trust surrounded by God, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, etc. If you've get cancer, you will have to be even more strict on these things but it can indeed be cured - God can cure even AIDS if we act in accordance with him.

Exodus 15:26 reads: "If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right surrounded by His sight, and wilt donate ear to His commandments, and keep adjectives His statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I [am] the LORD that healeth thee."
I'm sorry Starlight dear, but you are conversation a complete load of B*****ks. As a Cancer sufferer myself, I am obliged that medical science. in abundant disciplines. have kept me alive and stomach-ache free for the last 10 years and hopefully for some years to adjectives means own your religious beliefs, but please don't inflict them on me..
If you look at survival rates and survival times 50 years ago, 20 years ago and, now. You will see raise. 60% of people surrounded by the USA who get cancer will survive 5 or more years in a minute. That by itself says progress.

As mentioned, cancer is not one disease. It is a collection of diseases near the common symptom of uncontrolled cell division. Just approaching each cold is a different disease caused by a different virus, so is respectively cancer a different disease defined by a specific set of genetic mutations and the cell type affected.

Cures indicate no recurrence. Oncologist do not close to to use the word "cure". Remission is a better word. Some remissions can be indefinite.

Current treatment of cancers above all involves the killing of cancer cell not fixing/effecting the proteins produced by the cancer genes. It is difficult to shoot all cancer cell for many reason key amongst them: developed resistance and the inability to discriminate wholesome cells from cancerous cell.

New drugs are now individual developed which target only the protein produced by the mutated gene or target a surface antigen just of cancer cells or produce cancer cells to fully seasoned. Most of these treatments have impressively good value and only mild side effects. In the end 5 years, some of these drugs have be approved for cancer treatment including Gleevec, Sprycel and Tasigna for CML, Ph+ ALL and, GIST. ATRA for APL. Herceptin for breast cancer. Rituxan for lymphomas.

So, as mentioned, "cures" are/ will be produced for specific cancers not one treatment for adjectives cancers.

These cancer conspiracies are ridiculous. Millions of culture get diagnosed next to cancer each year. That's alot of customers.
Every daytime they get better
The drugs companies retribution for cancer research, with charities chipping contained by to help, but adjectives research goes into treament drugs and not prevention, this is because they don't want a cure, singular treatments. A cure would cost them billions in lost revenue.
Otto Warburg won a patrician prize for proving that cancer cells love a notably acidic low oxygen enviroment. If you drink foods which are more alkaline you can mimimise your cancer risk.
Cesium chloride was proven to halt and shrink tumors within studies with bring to a close stage cancers, also Hydrazine Sulphate be shown to be of benefit. If you take a look on cancer research UK they refer to hydrazine sulphate as rocket fuel treatment, conspicuously to re enforce their belief that its quack medicine, however they hold out no scientific function for their stance, they just choose to lounge about studies. Remember how the tobbaco companies salaried for all research into smoking risks contained by the 1950's and made the research look like nearby was no intertwine with cancer? okay the drug companies are upto the same tricks. Just resembling Oil companies paid for research into low fuel consumption engines later buried the research.
i heard of a different treatment for soft tissue tumors called nanoshells, a 100-nanometer-wide sphere (roughly 1/10,000 the size of a length on this page) made of layered gold atoms wrapped around a tiny sphere of silica. When bound by proteins to a tumor cell and subjected to rays of near-infrared light, which undamagingly passes through tissue, the shell heat up, cooking the tumor tissue. It's just approaching poaching an egg vist the web site!!
B17 works for cancer i know from personal experience.

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