this is so annoying. i'm 12 with these monstrous pimples that i cant stand these products from the store dont work i need something homemade and flowing that i can do on my own any suggestions

i think u are reaching an age where on earth it starts to show! so if u want sumthing homemade ...

the best thing to do is steam and drink at lowest 10 glasses of sea a day worked for me:D

this is how u steam ur an.
u plague a fairly huge pot into the stove and heat it to the most maximum stratum
so when the water boils and starts to bubble...u can see spoke evaporating from the pot

after that bring the stove down to a minimum height heat and embezzle a face towel i.e. rinsed with hot marine

take the towel and simply wipe ur obverse .

than bring ur face to the steamingpot ... DONT GET TOO CLOSE and than agree to the steam go onto ur frontage for atleast five minutes

than take a mild moisturizer and smooth onto skin

reapet this step 4 times a week
and u will see sum notice results..
but hun ur still young and this is going to ensue so drink water and verbs well and through time u will hold beautiful skin
hope these steps minister to u
Toothpaste, soak for ten minutes.
well you could purely shower more often after sports and sweating and wipe your face near soap at least 3 times a daylight

if that doesn't work try proactive
the best thing is to use solution dial soap and cetaphil lotion.
this sounds gross but it works... when you wake up contained by the morning you take the spit bad your tongue and put it on your acne let it sit for 15 minutes and afterwards rinse with melt water don't use toothpaste that will brand name your skin dry and worse
Yuck.I never had luck next to store products really. It took me FOREVER to get a fitting regime for my acne...but now I use Neutrogena foaming purify...then I make the addition of some perscription acne medicine on my obverse before have cleared my skin on my face deeply...I used to have discouraging acne too...
Stay away from the greasy foods, keep your skin verbs, and wait it out.
I have the same problem, honey, and I'll describe you what helped me: a pop in to the dermatologist. He or she can look at your face and determine what humane of treatment needs to be done and what perscriptions you necessitate. Good luck!
Have you given Proactive a shot? It is worth every penny!
clean and clear or clearasil you don't want anything expensive or homeade
Have you tried Proactive? That is reasonably priced and it worked wonders my little brother.

As for homemade - I read somewhere that Applecide vinegar and lemon liquid works, but I never tried it.
just guzzle healthy food, no pork, save your skin dry and shower immediately after exercise. everything will be fine. you are going through some rough times and pimples are only just the tip of the ice berg
try showering u dirty girl
It have been told that if you hose your face near the first morning pee you will have clear skin. Hard to believe but true. Best of luck.
You can use Basis Face purify with a loofah wad or just use alcohol and hot hose down to rub your wash near.

I have be using both methods for a while and I have have no compliments.

Good luck.
Try using all nuetragena products. explicitly what my doc recommended. Use mosturizer. Keep your face verbs and mosturised. If you face is verbs but dry it will cuse flakes. The flakes increase you chnaces for more pimples. Don't overdue the medicine. Try a simple glycerin soap, mosturiser, and 8hour salic bitter overnight treatment...good luck.otherwise.describe your rents how frustrated you are and ask them to take you to a dermatologist
you can use some toothpaste on them. but not alot..,it will dry them out and use up the size and redness

dont try to pop them out .,.,theyll quit scars and it will look worse
Its common around your age since your probabily going through puberty =]
Wash your face nightly near really warm marine. When you rinse your face, use cold hose down and that helps to close your pores. If it really starts to bother you, try going see a dermatologist. They know what will work best beside your skin type.
Well, if you have a pool, the chlorine will facilitate. Also, try sitting in the sun for a few hours. Both of these things can sustain dry them up.

An acne mask that you can try is:

Acne Removing Tomato Lotion:

Camphor Lotion 1/2 tsp
Tomato Juice 1 tsp
Honey 1 tsp

Mix adjectives the ingredients well and apply the bond on the face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Then purify off beside lukewarm water followed by a cold marine rinse. It is also very pious for removing spots caused by acne.

There are also several other types of mask, just vista the site below.

Hope this helps!
Never agree to grease remain on ur face...bathe it with a gel base face-wash and even the moisturizer u use should be gel based.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Here are the simple how-to instructions to comfort clear troubled skin:


1 quart water
1/2 to 1 cup dried thyme leaves (for a VERY strong infusion)

1. Bring the hose down to a boil in a saucepan. Remove it from the fry and add the thyme. Cover the container and steep the mixture for 20 minutes, then strain out the herb and discard them. Let the infusion cool to warm. (You should be capable of put your hand surrounded by the infusion and keep it here for several minutes without discomfort.)

2. Soak a verbs washcloth with the infusion and wring the excess from it. With your eyes closed, place the washcloth on your frontage for 15 minutes. Remove the washcloth from your face and apply an astringent.

Hope this works 4 u... :)
Ull absolutely grow out of it soon...
I have some point that i got from my great -grandma.
I enjoy to mix the medical alcohol plus some mint scented Face cream it can also be regular. add on water(boil) . plus milk .Mix it then consent to it set until thick next apply to acne bundle on face.

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