Dry Skin lend a hand?

Ok so heres the scoop, I enjoy dry skin, from taking a pill(claravis accutane, from a dermatologist) I have used countless loations, some work and some dont. Currently I am using CeraVe moistruzing lotion, it works, but after a couple of hours, my face/arms become dry, I also use Carmax for my lips--it works good. Do you own any suggestions for any lotions that could work better or another recommended brand(s)?

If so, the product name and the price.

Thanks for the assist

Answers:    You could try Clinique's moisture surge gel for thirsty skin. It is a light pink gel. I don't know if it will work for your problem, but it rids my obverse of those dry areas & feels extremely soothing.
You could use a cocoa butter lotion, such as Palmer's, or lotions made for babies. Before you go to bed, you could mix contained by petroleum jelly into a lotion and that may help out somewhat, even though it might be a bit messy :/

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