Am I stressed?

I am a woman of 38 yrs. I have have an elergy (nosal drip) for 10 yrs now. I hold tried all types of drugs and an operation but no correction. I do not sleep because mucus keeps dripping from my nosals to throat and chocks me especially at darkness. I sit most of the night. Neigbours believe I hold AIDS but I do not and they do not like me because of coughing and gugling my throat. I hold lost a lot of substance yet I own a good apetite. I very soon hate myself and I look really impossible. I have no abundant friends to discuss this problem with and I believe this infection is going to slaughter me soon because I have lost hope contained by everything even the drugs because they do not help me at adjectives. Please advise me.

You poor female, you sound really down.
What you obligation is agood make over session to cheer yourself up. I know it's not the ideal solution but it will cheer you up for a while at least. You should jump and get a contemporary hair cut, or colour, buy some spanking new clothes and try a little produce up etc. Whilst doing all this, you should hope professional advice from a doctor as with the sole purpose those professionals can help you. Surely within is somethign out there that will luxury this problem.
And who gives a stuff roughly what the neighbours think. Once you have a feeling nice about yourself again the problem wont discern so bad. Confidence is the push button.

I hope you find a solution chick.
i dont think u are.
Have you be diagnosed with anything? You own a right to know what's wrong with you.
email me
i hold similer problems myself the doctor just say theres nothing wrong beside me i dont get much sleep at dark either at tiniest i know im not the only one best of luck

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