Allergy problem?

My wife has allergy problem. Most of the time problem comes if she does not sleep properly. When she stir up she will have sneezing and sneezing. when she sneee it make lot of noise. She is pregnent also, so I affraid to pass her any medicine. doctor also did not recoment any medication though.
One more thing we observed that she will enjoy allergy problem inside the apartment. we lived in three states surrounded by US and it happenes every time. may be due to carpet or walls.
we also tried couple of room freshner, but no backing.

Any suggestion is welcomed.

Your wife have all of the signs of dust mite allergies. Did you know that dust mites and their lavish are the single largest known trigger of allergies worldwide? The best defense surrounded by helping your wife avoid the allergic triggers in your home and specifically your bedroom is to develop an avoidance strategy. I notice an answer below that suggested using a humidifier, this is NOT a good view, in reality you want just the divergent, dust mites do not drink water from their mouth, the absorp it through their shell or outerlayer from the airborne moisture surrounded by your home, you should de-humidify your bed room to a 40% relative humidity which will prevent new mites from multiplying. Chances are your bed is already infested, you necessitate to encase your mattress and pillows with an allergy bedding product that have a pore size of less than 1 micron. Make sure that your wife is not vacuuming the bed room, you should do it which will avoid getting the allergic triggers airborne and into her respiratory system. Wash your bedding weekly beside extremely hot water. Remove adjectives carpets and cloth drapes from your bed room which can harbor dust mites and other allergic triggers.

All of this information is available at

Take a look at the good sleep tips there. Also save in mind that due to your wife's pregnancy in that are obvious issues surrounding her taking medication. An avoidance strategy is the best place to start as it does not require her to ingest any medication but surrounded by fact she will avoid the actuall toxins and allergic triggers that are surrounded by fact cause her discomfort and symptoms. When you child is born you need to be thinking in the region of preventing your new born from human being exposed to these same allergic triggers, studies have shown that allergic trigger avoidance at an hasty age lessens the liklihood of that child growning up and developing full blown allergies. You dont want to expose a unknown born to any allergic trigger much like you should not expose your current born to peanuts and milk, all of which can result in an allergic response. That child needs to hold its immune system develop before it can run on these toxins, and considering your wife's tendencies towards allergies, probability are your child will have a similar genetic brand up.

Good luck!
It could be the bed sheets or the material of the bed sheets. Maybe a soap or detergent you use to verbs the sheets or pillow. Maybe try switching the soap you use or the detergent you use and see if that makes a difference.
She may be allergic to dust mites. Wash the bedding surrounded by hot water and tumble dry. You may necessitate to do this once per week. Also buy a good nouns purifier, one with a HEPA filter. Room fresheners do nought to clean the upper air, they just get it smell better.
She very possibly is allergic to dust mites, gain special allergy pillow cases...they will be white and zip over the pillow and typical pretty pillow cases to match sheets will fit will hang on to the dust mites from 'living' in the pillow. Be sure to clean up the pillow cases weekly and the sheets often too...depends on how much of late the pillow cases help.

Try a humidifier and be sure to use AC instead of window because there could be outdoor allergies also contributing and try to use wood or non-carpeted floors when possible.

If its noticicbly worse when she comes contained by from outside...have her shower when she get in

I know they own what looks like hockey pucks for cold and sinus...used during showers...they did minister to for a bit too

Unless you are going to spend alot of money putting a air purifier within each room...its not worth it and the freshners might be making the allergies worse (irritates the allready irritated nose/body) keep under surveillance if candles are being burned too...this may or may not own any effect...just try to take a look at.

Hope these help...and hopefully I didn't bore too impossible
You may need to return with an air purifier or a humidifier. Stand her surrounded by the bathroom with the hot hose running and let her breathe the steam this should minister to open the nasal passage a little.
Congratulations on the bundle of seventh heaven

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